2 ; 1 ; in Month : January (2020) Article No : sjogr-v2-1005
Fraidakis Matthaios, Anifantaki Aliki, Skouradaki

Objective: To describe the effects of intra-ovarian platelet-rich plasma injection on the ovarian stimulation outcomes in women referring to an in vitro fertilization center. Method: We conducted a single-center retrospective study on 179 women that underwent intra-ovarian platelet-rich plasma injection over the last three years. Inclusion criteria included women over age 35 with at least one ovary with a history of infertility, hormonal abnormalities, absence of menstrual cycle and premature ovarian failure. Results: Mean (±SD) patient age was 43 ± 4 years. Both serum FSH levels and serum E2 significantly reduced after treatment from 29.0 pg/ml to 18.0 pg/ml; p<0.0001 and from 65.6 pg/ml to 47.2 pg/ml; p= 0.034 respectively. None of the 179 women reported any complications post operatively. After PRP, 17/179 (9.49%) women became pregnant. Conclusion: The results of our observational study revealed that PRP intra-οvarian injection is associated with improved function of ovarian tissue. Future further randomized clinical trials in this field are needed to shed light in the use of PRP in ovarian rejuvenation.

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